Thursday, December 31, 2009

Package Awesomeness!!:D

I finally have time to show you all my awesome package from Amethyst Aurag!!!! Thanks sooo much Amethyst!!!:D

The Daily Prophet - Special Rush Edition!

Hogwarts Headmistress Solves Crime!!!

By, Hermione Bagnold and Olive Bumblebirch
London, England
Latest intelligence reports that unknown to the wizarding world at large, the Quidditch World Cup Trophy, an item of great importance in next year's match results, had been stolen! The Ministry of Magic recruited a top secret employee to resolve the case, using a witch in their employ that the last person would expect...the Headmistress of Hogwarts, Winifred Wartbobble! This talented witch who has a knack for searching out troublemakers, followed a trail of clues all around the globe before finally cornering the thief: a vampire! As it turns out, this vampire used to be a wizard that lost his magical powers and rights (though not his love for Quidditch and flying around on his old broom under the cover of darkness!) when this transformation took hold in him. It all goes back to the very first Quidditch World Cup, in 1473, between Transylvania and Flanders. This particular wizard was a spectator at the historical match, and witnessed firsthand all 700 fouls known to the sport, including the release of a hundred blood-sucking vampire bats from the Transylvanian captain's robes! One of these numerous winged mammals bit an onlooker and turned him into a vampire.
After further investigation into the matter, it seems as though the Ministry, upon hearing of the situation, not only broke his wand, but refused to cover any costs in damages to the poor wizard. Miss Wartbobble, after locating his lair, had to duel for her life; a duel in which he did not survive. Among his possessions was evidence that he had been long searching for a way to make the Ministry of Magic pay for it's inept handling of the Quidditch Match so long ago. It was only after being able to obtain the Hand of Glory and some Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder (a Weasley's Wizard Wheezes ware, obtained by mail-order) that he was able to finally put things into play. The trophy was not on the grounds of his estate, but rather hidden in an abandoned broom factory in the Black Forest of Germany. The Ministry is naturally pleased to have the item back in their possession, but the question still remains of how they intend to keep it safe from now on.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Package Arrived

Despite some very cold weather and a long wait at customs, Antonio dela Weasley's Artimus made it to me! Have a look at my wonderful swap package here!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


A simple celebration
A gathering of friends
Here is wishing you great happiness
A joy that never ends!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


To Miss Crimsonchin:

May the last year of your 20's be your best yet!

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Let's Chat!

I will be hanging in the Quidditch Tent today if anyone wants to chat!

Winnie's Box of Clues

After carefully inspecting the contents of the package, Wisty and Siobahn have deduced that there is nothing dangerous inside. There is a note from Winnie as well as these items:

"Dear Wisty, Siobahn, and students,

After weeks of travel and following leads, I've found the person I was looking for: the thief who stole the Quidditch World Cup trophy! He was very reluctant to talk, quite angry and I had to defend myself. I'm sorry to say there won't be getting any information out of him anymore, and that's a problem because he's hidden the trophy somewhere. I gathered all of the personal belongings he had with him before his sudden demise, and am enclosing them in this package. Please take care as I haven't had time to inspect them for magical qualities beyond the obvious. See if you can identify where the trophy might be hidden. I will be staying at a low-profile inn awaiting your conclusion. Just send a note back by this same owl--she knows where to find me.


Please feel free to work with your teammates to figure out this last and most important clue! The deadline is midnight Wednesday, PST.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tired owl

I have been thoroughly spoilt by Emma Gorodok, who sent her owl to me twice, so go take a look at the awesome packages I received!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


If anyone wants to chat today, I will hang out in the Great Lodge most of the day. Use the following link:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Owl Post from Emma Wigworthy

...has arrived! Many many thanks! I'm so thrilled!!

Winnie's Secret Mission

Winnie has been all over the world and seems to have reached her final destination. Today I saw that Wisty and Siobahn received a small box by owl from her, and the address looked very hastily written. I didn't get to see what was inside, but written on the outside flap was the mysterious clue,

5 words: 6, 9, 5, 3, 6

Of course they hurried away with the box and are closeted up in their office, examining and testing whatever was inside. Maybe some rare magical items, perhaps a dragon's egg? I wish they would tell me! I wonder what that clue meant...

Monday, December 7, 2009

What's That Hiding?

Hello, students!!!
I was a little indisposed the last couple of weeks. I am ever so grateful to Olive for sending along my letter so that you were able to read it. My adventures have certainly led me all over the world!

This week I'm heading to the place where Christmas began as I seek to find the hiding place of a souvenir of sorts somewhere near the notorious being from last week's letter. It is Rather cold here and making it almost impossible for me to continue writing this letter, so I will keep it short.

I believe that I'll be able to return to Hogwarts soon! The journey is almost at it's end. Whew!

Yours Truly & Happy Holidays!

To Maisy.....

Hope your birthday was a very happy one,
Maisy Muddlestixs!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Letter from Winnie

As Assistant Captain to Siobhan, Captain of the Magpies, it wasn't a big deal when she asked me to put something away in her office for her. What is a big deal is what I accidentally found on her desk, partially buried under some parchments...

Letter from Winnie!

She's not missing after all! She's ok, and she's been having some adventures. The first short letter was dated from a couple weeks back and said simply,

"I'm in a large city stocking up on supplies before a dangerous trip. I'm not sure How long it will take to get there but I've got Plenty of garlic. It should be easy to find holy water and a cross here, and hopefully they're authentic becaUse I'm going to need them."

The next letter came just last week and said,

"I've finally arrived in a dark region nortHwest of a mountain range. As expected, I've already used the supplies I picked up last Week to keep unwanted guests away, though an invisibility cloak helps, too. Good thing I've been practicing my Protego charm! The other daY I had a close run-in with a certain notorious being, but escaped just in the 'neck' of time!

I'm definitely getting tIred of all the traveling, but I'm hoping I'll be able to return to Hogwarts soon. I've got just one more Quick trip to make, and I'll send an owl as soon as I find what I'm looking for."

That answers one question, but it raises so many more: where has Winnie been? and what is she doing??

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Continued Travels

I had so much fun and so much to do this last week! Please forgive my absence. Now, where were we?? Oh, yes . . .

This week I made my way to a very fashionable city to seek out a frienD who used to run his own club at Hogwarts. I found him in the magical library that was shaped like giant books. Thankfully, I had stocked up On crystallized pineapple during the SouTh America trip.

My nExt stop took me to a place that had pyramids of a different kind than those in South America. I had to visit a friend who is an author and beastly anthrOpologist. I'm really and truly hoping that his experiences can help me on my mission.

The one thing that I did not like about my last stop?? There was sand EVERYWHERE! AbsolUtely can't stand the stuff. Gets in your hair, in between your toes, and other places that I will not mention here.

Until next week!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shuntbumps Knit League Final!

It is with great excitement that I announce the competitors and release the pattern for the Shuntbumps Knit League Final....

Antonio dela Weasley v Rowena Bladvak

Please follow this link to the pattern.

Good luck to you both - may the best player win, and may the loser be spared the need for Skele-gro!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shuntbumps Patterns

I am delighted to announce the matches and patterns for the Final of the Shuntbumps Crochet League  and Round 4 of the Shuntbumps Knit League...

Crochet League:
Andromeda Finch-Fletchley v Hermione Bagnold
Please follow this link to the Final Crochet Pattern

Knit League:
Antonio dela Weasley v Ginny Lockheart
Rowena Bladvak is unopposed but must complete the pattern within exactly 6 days to progress to the Final.
Please follow this link to the Round 4 Knit Pattern

Good luck everyone, may the best players win, and may the losers not burden Madam Pomfrey.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heading South

Hello, Students!
The northern continents are getting a little too cool for me, so I've headed south! Remember the ghost I spoke about last week? Well, I got the bug to track him down. So, last weekend I headed south for the Dia de Los Muertos. There were lots of ghosts arounD and some of them reminded me of the vampire bats. Fiesty little devils, they are!

Well, I found out that some of the spectators of the festival had been bitten by such bats! The ghosts, of course, kept tabs on who was bitten and they seem to remember who survived the bite. I never did find the ghost I was looking for. But, I digress! I'm supposed to be telling you about my travels.

First, I visited a capital city that was built On a lake, but the lake has since disappeared. Many ghosts meet in the ancient temples and all over the town.

Next, I landed in a city where many kites are built & flown. Very windy place that! The city has old game courts which would have been useful for local Quidditch playoffs.

Then, lastly, I went to a beautiful Northeastern coastal city that is known for its annual multicultural carnival. Ravenclaws would have loved the pink library! The town is smaller than a nearby large city and is very relaxing. There are so many historic places to visit - I hope I get to see them all before I'm off on my next adventure. I'm definiTely going to catch the Friday night serenade before I set off to my next destination.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Party on the Pitch!







Party on the pitch with cupcakes for all!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shuntbumps Round 3

I am delighted to announce the pairings and patterns for Round 3 of our Shuntbumps tournament:

Knit League:

Pairings are as follows:

Olive Bumblebirch, aka oliveknits, plays against Ginny Lockheart, aka SparklesnDazzles.
Waverley Trimble, aka Shelvicious, plays against Antonio dela Weasley, aka yarnguy716.
Enna Kirts, aka Jantine , palys against Rowena Bladvak, aka Ronnica.


Crochet League:
Pairings are as follows:

Intarsia Bindoff, aka mutz, plays against Andromeda Finch-Fletchley, aka GirlyWithATwist.
Albatross Harbinger, aka ItsYourNickle86, plays against Hermione Bagnold, aka smileynetta.


Good luck!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Travels

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Whew! Last week's travels left my breathless. Over the weekend I decided to travel across the great expanse of ocean again because I simply had to speak with that ghost, Cyprian Youdle, who was cursed During the Quidditch match in 1857 - the very first Quiddtch game. One of the teams had a lovely blue jersey (the same color as my dress) and a silver arrow. Absolutely gorgeous!

Unfortunately, he was uNavailable as he was attending a ghost convention on another continent. I decided to hang around in this town - what is the name of this town? (I swear, never ask my directions anywhere. I'd get you lost in a heartbeaT!) Unfortunately, there are no pubs or shops whatsoever here! I suppose I won't be staying very long then.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shuntbumps Round 2 Patterns

Here are the patterns for Round 2 of Shuntbumps:

Round 2 Crochet Pattern
Round 2 Knit Pattern

Good luck everyone, we look forward to seeing pictures of your finished items in the Shuntbumps Arena

May the best players win, and may the losers not be too bruised by the fall from their broomsticks.

Shuntbumps Crochet League Round 2

The pairings for Round 2 in the Shuntbumps Crochet League are as follows:

Albatross Harbinger, aka ItsYourNickle86, will play against Celeena Cree, aka SwitchCleo

Helena Lovegood, aka LoverofallEmo, will play against Intarsia Bindoff, aka mutz

Emma Gorodok, aka Selana, will play against Hermione Bagnold, aka smileynetta

Andromeda Finch-Fletchley, aka GirlyWithATwist, is unopposed in Round 2 yet must complete the Round 2 project within six days of the pattern release in order to progress to Round 3.

I am heading off with Mr. Wigworthy and the little Wigworthys to visit Granny and Grandad Wigworthy today. Therefore my sister, Lizzie Wychwood, will post a link to the Round 2 pattern alongside a pattern link for the Knitting League at this blog later today at 6pm BST. That is 1pm EDT, 12 noon CDT, 11am MDT 10am PDT, and 7pm CEST. I will return soon after this to monitor match progress in the Shuntbumps Arena (Ravelry thread). Good Luck to all!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Shuntbumps Knit League - Round 2 Matches

The pairings for Round 2 of the Shuntbumps Knit League are as follows:

Olive Bumblebirch (Montrose Magpies) v Ambyr Phoenixfire (Pride of Portree)
Celestina Pettigrew (Montrose Magpies) v Ginny Lockheart (Appleby Arrows)
Perenelle Tejedora (Wigtown Wanderers) v Waverley Trimble (Appleby Arrows)
Antonio dela Weasley (Appleby Arrows) v Winifred Hornswaggle (Pride of Portree)
Minerva Lovegood (Wigtown Wanderers) v Enna Kirts (Montrose Magpies)

We have an odd number going through to this round, and so Rowena Bladvak will be unopposed given that she was first to complete in Round 1. To qualify for Round 3 however, she must complete the project assigned and post a picture of it in the Shuntbumps Arena (in an unedited post), within the deadline noted below for the paired matches.

The pattern will be released tomorrow 24th October at 6pm BST (1pm EDT, 12pm CDT, 11am MDT, 10am PDT). The deadline for posting of pictures in order to win your match and progress to Round 3 is exactly 6 days from the pattern release time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

To Miss Cree... : )

Have a happy, happy birthday, Cel'eena!

You can have your hat cake and eat it, too! ; )

Monday, October 19, 2009

Missing in Action

I must apologize for being missing in action over the weekend and for missing the first round of Shuntbumping. Muggle technology seemed to fail and I tried every spell and potion known in the Wizarding World to correct it. Unfortunately nothing worked. I so don't understand all the wires and connections needed to say in touch with my teammates.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Wirlwind of Flight

Hello, dearies!!
This week I have two stops to make. Unfortunately, my planning Cap was not on very tight. I can't seem to remember the exact locations that I will be flying to. Maybe a little Spring air will help me to be a little more organized, so my first stop wiLl be to where it is now Spring, though it is Fall here. I'm very, very excited that my first stop will have lots and lots of sheep! I heard they have some heavenly Alpaca for the most excellent Roving. I am also looking forward to spending a little time in the city that is near a castle. What was that city called again? I will have to check my itinerary again.

Siobhan was telling me how she absolutely must have some true maple syrup! I thought to myself, "maple syrup . . . maple syrup. Where Could I find true maple syrup that tasted extra yummy?" WouLdn't you know that it will take me far from my first stop of the week? There is a quaint little factory that makes it fresh in the town that is situated on a lake that is on the border of Quebec. Again I can't seem to remember the name of this one either. I think it used to be three towns that combined into one. Does anyone elSe know? Where did that itinerary go anyway? (Miss Wartbobble wanders off as she distractedly looks for her intinerary amongst the many papers she must take with her on her trip.)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shuntbumps Crochet League Pattern

I am delighted to announce full details of the Round 1 pattern for the Shuntbumps Crochet League. The main Ravelry pattern page can be found by following the linked pattern name below. Once there please follow the 'available for free' link above the general pattern notes. Good luck to everyone!

A Very Simple Skateboarder Beanie

Shuntbumps Knit League Pattern

It is with great pleasure that I release this pattern for the inaugural HSKS Shuntbumps match.  Good luck everyone - I look forward to seeing your pictures over in the Shuntbumps Arena!

Wizardly Incognito Hat

Please note that you need to be logged into Ravelry to retrieve the pattern which is a pdf download.  You can download Adobe Reader free here.

Shuntbumps Crochet League

Hopefully you are all by now limbering up ready for when the whistle blows tomorrow to signal the commencement of the Round 1 Shuntbump matches. These will be in pairs as detailed below. The first person in each pair to post a photo of their completed picture in the Shuntbumps Arena will win and progress to Round 2. Details of photo requirements and how to embed photos in posts to Ravelry forum threads can be found here (you must first of all sign in to Ravelry to view this link). Please also ensure that you are cognisant of the Shuntbumps Rules before the tournament commences.

Match pairs:

Poppy Pluot (kauraqt on Ravelry) plays against Hermione Bagnold (smileynetta)

Celeena Cree (SwitchCleo) plays against Maisy MuddleStixs (vaL70)

Violet Starfire (gidgetgirl82) plays against Albatross Harbinger (ItsYourNickle86)

Intarsia Bindoff (mutz) plays against Prendolyn the Weird (archerpren)

Siobhan Mooney (CelticMommy) plays against Andromeda Finch-Fletchley (GirlyWithATwist)

Clara Clovenhoof (ajkane) plays against Emma Gorodok (Selana)

Helena Lovegood (LoverofallEmo) is unopposed this round. Nevertheless she must complete the Round 1 project by the given deadline in order to progress to Round 2 (as per the Shunhtbumps Rules).

The pattern for Round 1 will be released tomorrow via a post here on the main HSKS9 blog and via a post to the Shuntbumps Arena in the HSKS Ravelry forum. You may prefer to view the post there as it will contain links to the Ravelry pattern pages for the project. Pattern release times are as follows:

11.00pm BST (10pm GMT) on Saturday 17th October.
= 3pm PDT, 4pm MDT, 5pm CDT, 6pm EDT, 12 midnight CEST, 8.30am Sunday ACDT

The same times will apply for the completion deadline exactly six days later.

To find which is your time zone please click on the appropriate section of the small greyed map which appears under the title ‘Regional Maps’ above the large world map on this page.

Pattern information:

Round 1:

Yarn = worsted/aran weight (10ply), 100 - 150 yards. Wool or other warm fibre.Can use two colours - a main colour and a small amount of a contrasting/complimentary colour.
Suggested hook = US H/5.00mm
Sizing = one size that fits most adults.

Round 2: 

Yarn = DK  for small child size given in the main pattern. Other yarn weights may be used and other sizes made following the guidance given in the pattern notes, although I will not permit anything thicker than worsted. Yardage should not exceed 200 yards for any option. I recommend a warm fibre type for this project.
Suggested hook = US E/3.5mm
Sizing = customizable

Round 3:

Yarn = 150 yards worsted weight. Wool or cotton blends would both work for this project.
Suggested hook = US H/5.00mm
Sizing = Ladies medium to large

Round 4:

Yarn = 200 - 225 yards of a warm DK yarn. I can adapt the pattern to worsted if you really need me to.
Suggested hook = US H/5.00mm
Sizing = one size fits all ladies.

The projects for rounds 3 and 4 require some buttons - two buttons each. I recommend buttons of about one to one and a half inches in diameter for the round 3 project, and buttons of one half to one inch diameter for the round 4 project. The buttons will be visible on the projects so select pretty/interesting buttons that will contrast nicely with the yarns you use. Both these projects look particularly good in two complimentary yarns, a main yarn and a small amount of either a contrasting colour or darker/lighter shade of the same colour according to your preference.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Shuntbumps Knit League

The knit league sign-ups are now closed, and pairs have been selected for Round 1.  The first person in each pair to post a photo of their completed picture in the Shuntbumps Arena will win and progress to Round 2. Details of photo requirements and how to embed photos in posts to Ravelry forum threads can be found here (you must first of all sign in to Ravelry to view this link). Please also ensure that you are cognisant of the Shuntbumps Rules before the tournament commences.

Round 1 Pairs:
Fleur Sweeting v Olive Bumblebirch
Celestina Pettigrew v Gryphon the Great
Ambyr Phoenixfire v Megaera Black
Ginny Lockheart v Selena Starfire
Intarsia Bindoff v Perenelle Tejedora
Wisteria Lovegood v Waverley Trimble
Antonio dela Weasley  v Minerva Wood
Winifred Hornswaggle v Arriana Stylos
Quietus v Minerva Lovegood
Rowena Bladvak v Cassandra Crimsonchin
Maisy Muddlestixs v Enna Kirts

Round 1 Pattern Release Advice
The pattern for Round 1 will be released tomorrow via a post here on the main HSKS9 blog and via a post to the Shuntbumps Arena in the HSKS Ravelry forum. You may prefer to view the post there as it will contain links to the Ravelry pattern pages for the project. Pattern release date/time is as follows:

Saturday 17th October
1pm BST (12pm GMT) = 5am PDT, 6am MDT, 7am CDT, 8am EDT, 2pm CEST, 10.30pm ACDT

The same times will apply for the completion deadline exactly six days later.

To find which is your time zone please click on the appropriate section of the small greyed map which appears under the title ‘Regional Maps’ above the large world map on this page.

Pattern Information for All Rounds:

Round 1:  This pattern is suitable for Child to Adult, Male or Female.  It requires 80 -180 yards of worsted weight yarn for a 2 colour design with a main colour and small amount of either a contrasting colour or darker/lighter shade of the same colour according to your preference.  It is knit in the round on 4.5mm needles - either dpns, 2x 24” circulars, or one long (say 40”) circular for magic loop if you are familiar with that technique.

Round 2:  This pattern is suitable for Child to Adult, Male or Female. It requires up to 120 yards of worsted weight yarn in a single colour.  It is knit in the round on 4.5mm needles - either dpns, 2x 24” circulars, or one long (say 40”) circular for magic loop.

Round 3:  This pattern is suitable for a Woman.  It requires 225 - 450 yards (the latter being for Madame Maxime sized ladies) in worsted weight yarn for a 2 colour design with a main colour and small amount of either a contrasting colour or darker/lighter shade of the same colour according to your preference.  Most of it is knit in the round on a 16" 4.0mm circular needle.  The pattern also requires 3.75mm dpns.

Round 4:  This pattern is suitable for a Woman.  It requires: 130 - 150 yards of a single colour in worsted weight yarn.  It is knit in the round on a 16" 5.0mm circular needle, and also calls for a 16" 4.5mm circular needle.

Round 5:  This pattern is suitable for a Woman or Girl (approx age 7 up).  It requires 190 - 220 yards of worsted weight yarn in a single colour, and 3 buttons (size not stated, but around an inch in diameter should work).  It is knit in rows back and forth, and calls for 2.75mm straights and dpns.

Shuntsbumps Rules & Regulations

Competitors in the Shuntbumping please take note of the following rules. These may be updated as required, and will be linked from the Shuntbumps Arena (in the Ravelry group forum).

Shuntbumps Rules

1. Time Allowed
In each round a deadline will be set by which time all qualifying competitors must have finished and posted pictures of their completed project in the shuntbumps arena. Players who do not meet this deadline will not progress to the next round.

2. Participation
All qualifying competitors must complete the project, whether or not they are paired with an actual opponent (i.e. in rounds where there is an odd number of competitors).

3. Safety First
No running with scissors. Check your bed for needles or hook hazards before going to sleep. Also, if you have a habit of keeping your dpns or cable needle in your d├ęcolletage please make sure to check there too.

4. Cheating
Competitors must leave posts containing photos of their completed projects unedited. If they contain typos, spelling errors and/or poor grammar, live with it! This is to prevent cheating. :0)

(Acknowledgement for rule 3 goes to the Ravelry Designers’ forum.)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Adventure Begins

Hello, students and athletes!

Please forgive me! I'd meant to get this letter off to you on Monday of this week, but the preparations for my departure were rather difficult and cumbersome. I had an unfortunate run in with the department head of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. Horrendous!! He accused me of improperly teaching some young wizards how to apparate! I believe he loudly screamed the number of wizards involved in the catastrophe. Something like 75 wizards had splinched themselves!! How could he accuse me of such a thing??? You would think that Department wizards would be trained on a better bed side manner than he!!! All is well, however. The wizards were properly put back together and won't be causing any mischief anytime soon.

Anyway, I just wanted to get a letter off to let you know that all is well with me and that my travels have begun. I will be writing you soon from my next location, so please do keep a look out for my owls. You can't miss them - literally LOL

Forever Yours,
Miss Wartbobble

Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome to HSKS9!

On behalf of my co-coordinator Wisteria Lovegood, please let me be the first to officially welcome you to season nine of HSKS!! This season has begun most splendidly and here are a few facts you might be surprised to hear about the players on our Quidditch Teams.
  • Players from eight countries
  • Players from 24 of the 50 states
  • Beaders, Crocheters, Dyers, Knitters, Needle workers, Pattern Designers, Sewers and Spinners!
  • Over 10 Birthdays to celebrate
  • Quidditch players in their first season (a.k.a HSKS newbies) as well as seasoned players who have been in 6 or more terms/seasons of HSKS.
  • Quidditch players born in the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's and 1990's.
  • Over 1000 completed projects combined!
  • Enough yarn combined between us all to circle the earth many many times!
You might be thinking "Wow, really? I didn't know that!" Well, now you get to find out who some of these people are!

Your First Blog Assignment is to get to know your fellow Quidditch Players.

Find the following people among players on your and the other teams. (Each person can only be listed once.)
  1. Someone with the same craft as you (either those listed above or another one).
  2. Someone who was born in the same month.
  3. Someone from a different country.
  4. A new HSKS Quidditch player.
  5. A player who has been in 3 or more HSKS swaps.
  6. A player who has a bigger stash than you! (And if your stash is the biggest, proudly say so!)
  7. A player who both knits and crochets.
  8. Someone who has the same favorite color as you.
Once you have found these eight people, do one of the following as a way of introducing yourself.
  • Comment on one of their blog postings. Say hello and a little tidbit about yourself.
  • Comment on one of their finished or "WIPs" projects on Ravelry.
Then, when you are all done, write about your getting-to-know-them adventures on your blog. This will fulfill your blog posting for this week and you have until midnight Pacific Standard Time on Saturday to do so.

Questions? Please feel free to post a comment here so the question can be answered for all to see. We love questions you know, ask away!

I cannot wait to see who shares what with whom! And who knows, maybe we'll have even more nifty statistics to add to the list.

Oh P.S., More date information and deadlines will be posted tomorrow.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Quidditch Registration

The pic is the portkey to registration.
Please be sure you are clear on the
prior to signing up!Thank you!
Wisteria Lovegood & Siobhan Mooney, Ministers of Magical Games & Sports

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I know everyone is anxious to find out what kind of kits we will be swapping this season. We were wondering what a person would wear to a Quidditch game, either as a player or as a fan. So, without further ado, here are your kit choices:

--Cowl/Neckwarmer & Mittens (can be fingerless) - MUST MAKE BOTH
--Hat & Scarf - MUST MAKE BOTH
--Hat & Mittens (can be fingerless) - MUST MAKE BOTH

Each person will be asked to pick a minimum of two kit choices on their sign-up sheet. Your spoiler will then (1) make one of your choices as the handmade part of the kit, and (2) include the yarn and pattern for another of your choices as part of the kit. For example, if I were to chose socks and cowl/neckwarmer & mittens as my kit choices, my spoiler could choose to make the cowl/neckwarmer & mittens and include the yarn and pattern for the socks in the kit, or vice versa.

The handmade item and yarn should be in the team colors of the spoilee.

The cost of a kit should be in the range of $25-35. Remember, all those living in the US must purchase delivery confirmation for your kit and provide the number to your team captain/assistant captain.

Therefore, your kit must include the following:


Please take the time to read your spoilee's wish list and profile. Check out the projects they have completed. Learn what they like and don't like. PLEASE put together a kit that is appropriate for your spoilee. If (s)he likes bright colors, don't send pastels. If she only crochets, don't send knitting patterns or needles. If she drinks tea, don't send coffee.

We understand that finances are very tight for some and this swap should not add more stress to anyone. Pace yourself and order/buy things throughout the period of the swap; don't wait to the last minute to order items or fill your kit with items your spoilee has no use for. Most importantly, communicate with your spoilee/spoiler. If you aren't sure whether your spoilee would like something, just ask. Our aim this season is for quality kits that stay within the dollar/euro limit.

If anyone has any questions on the kits, please PM either Siobhan (CelticMommy) or Wisteria (Neila). Remember, there are no stupid questions!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flying Broomsticks!

She said the spell in a barely audible command, unsure of the power of it.

The mini broomstick shook, but stayed firmly on the desk.

Hmph! "Leviscoparius!" Fiera said again this time a little louder. The broom with a pale blue ribbon attached to it rose into the air awaiting its' next command. She smiled triumphantly! Captain Fleur and her Assistant Captain Waverly would be proud!
"Leviscoparius!" she repeated for the next miniature broom and it too rose... this one had a black ribbon intertwined in the shaft. Knowing Siobhan and Olive, they would enjoy watching this broom track it's way across the globe.
Once again, the command came and a 3rd broomstick adorned with Wisty and Hermione's purple ribbon rose. Upon the fourth command, Clara and Rowan's mini-broom with a blood red ribbon surfaced off the desk.
Ah, there now Fiera thought. But in her mind, she knew that this had been the easy part! Commanding the four flying broomsticks to find their way to the Quidditch witches and wizards would be a little bit harder.
Directing the first, then the second, the third and fourth brooms to fly, each to their own destination, they shot off out the tower window!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Lizzie was sitting in a wonderful cushy chair, humming softly and counting stitches. A cup of blackcurrant tea was cooling on the side table next to a strawberry scone. The turquoise blue Percy Shawl in her lap was flying along swiftly with nary a stitch out of place. Rows easily appeared as if she had been using her profoundly amazing magical skills-- but no, the shawl was being made the Muggle way.

In the back of her mind, Lizzie saw the green Rambling Leaves Shawl that Emma had had the tenacity to leave just lying about on the sitting room tuffet! Both shawls having been cast on at the same time, yet Emma was already a bit ahead of her. Ever the competing twin, Lizzie thought about using her time turner to go back and get in some extra knitting.


Lizzie's needle flew out of her hand, the shawl momentarily forgotten as her calm mood was broken with a twinge of exasperation as Emma laughed her way into the room. Hating to appear disgruntled, Lizzie smiled sweetly at her twin.

"Is that how it's going to be?" she inquired.

"How else ever should it be?" she replied.

Furrowed brows and eyes squinting fiercely on both sides... silence for a moment. Then, a moment more.

"How about the old fashioned competitive way then..." Lizzie suggested.

Emma, her face an unreadable mask, slightly raised an eyebrow in agreement and muttered under her breath "... a shuntbumping duel..."

The duel began! Which twin would shuntbump the other? Who would finish first?! And, would their nimble fingers and sharp minds finish in time for the HSKS Shuntbumping Duels!?!

... to be continued ...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Farewell, but not Goodbye!

Students, I'm sure you may have notice a little peculiar behavior coming from me as of late. It's true - I've been rather distracted. You see, I have decided to take a sabbatical. There are some . . . things that I have to attend to in various parts of the . . . . country - maybe throughout the world. I am going to play things by the ear and see how it goes. When all is said and done, please know that you, my dear students, will be the first to get the full story.

For now I have placed your care in the able hands of Wisteria and Siobhan. I am sure that they will provide you with excellent care and entertainment while I am away. I have cautioned them that too much play and not enough study will waste your minds away, so I'm sure they will be sure to stick very, very closely to the curriculum. I trust that you will all behave yourselves. I would hate to come back and find that Wisty has succumbed to the tipping of too much firewhiskey due to too much stress!

Take care and have a fabulous holiday season!
Forever yours,
Winifred Wartbobble

Monday, September 21, 2009

Shopping with the Assistant Captains

When I purchased my goggles last week, I forgot to buy a cleaning cloth, so back to Quality Quidditch Supplies I went... and who did I run into?! The Assistant Captains!!

Hermione Bagnold, Olive Bumblebirch, Rowan Dragonsinger and Waverly Trimble were all there getting fitted for there new Quidditch uniforms amoung other things.

Hermione, the A.C. for the ____ team was scouring the shelves for the right sized _____ colored turtleneck to go under her Quidditch robes. Finally successful, she headed over to the fitting rooms to make sure it fit.

Olive, the A.C. for the _____ team was already in the fitting room trying on a new pair of silk thermals. Knowing that one of the upcoming Quidditch matches is tentatively set nearby the 2010 location of the Greenland Ice Hotel, both wanted to be well prepared against the chilling winds.

I spotted the A.C. for the _____ team over by the bookshelves. Rowan was carefully reading a section of Kennilworthy Whisps bestseller Beating the Bludgers - A Study of Defensive Strategies in Quidditch. After a moment, she decided to purchase the book and went over to the queue to make her purchase.

Waverly was all the way in the very back of the store but easily visible as she was hovering about 15 feet above the ground... testing a new Nimbus broom out for ease of movement. I wonder if she has perfected her Woollongong Shimmy yet? Last time I saw her on the Quidditch pitch, she was pretty spectacular with it!

While chatting in the queue with Rowan, I spotted Winnie coming through the door. I noticed she was carrying a rather large parcel from Scribbulus and another smaller one from Terrortours, but she walked past me before I could even get "Hello!" out of my mouth!

After I made my purchase, I said goodbye to the Assistants and grabbed a quick Chocolate Cruch Creme from Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour. Now, I'm on my way back to find that yarn peddler Winnie spotted. I need some Shuntbumping supplies... but more on that later.

Bye for now!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Which Quidditch colors for which witch?

Wisty, Winnie and I were out for an afternoon of knitting, crocheting and pastry savoring in Diagon Alley today and decided to stop at Quality Quidditch Supplies.

Wisty was immediately drawn to the gorgeous purple and golden robes of the ________ team... trying on gloves and shin guards. Having been at summer camp, her shimmery blond hair was even more brilliant by the deep purple robe now resting on her shoulders.

Winnie casually walked over to the beautiful blue and silver section of the ______ team. The Captain of the _______ team was expertly choosing out a new helmet, making sure her view was unobstructed from all sides to ensure expert play while on the Quidditch pitch. After quick hugs and see-you-laters, Winnie crossed over to the other side of the store to find the Captain of the _________'s team trying on a powerful blood red and silver cloak. Winnie gave excellent comments about the pride she saw in the Captain of the ______ team's eyes and left her there while perusing the store some more.
I meandered over to the goggles, my old pair having somehow been misplaced in a previous match. I thought to myself "Ah, what color... what color.... hmm, is there any other color than black for goggles really? These will go perfectly with my black and white robes for the ________ team!" A plopped the goggles in my basket and went to get in line to make my purchase.
Wisty had already purchased her supplies as had _____ and _____ and I handed over my 3 Galleons and a Sickle for the goggles. Winnie diverted our attention to a yarn peddler outside the window while she made her purchases quickly, so I cannot report exactly what she purchased.
I turned around to see her sigh turn into a smile and we walked out of the store.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Updated Dates

Has everyone been practicing their broom maneuvers in preparation for the beginning of Quidditch this season?!

Here are a list of the latest dates. The four team names, mascots and colors will be released later this week or early next week!

Signups for new and returning HSKSers will begin at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Monday, October 5th.

Signups will end at midnight PST on Friday, October 9th or earlier if we hit our maximum capacity of 80 players

Matchups will be coordinated over the weekend and will be sent out by Midnight on Monday, October 12th, the first day of our season.

Quidditch Season Begins - Monday, October 12th
Quidditch Season Ends - Saturday, December 19th

Friday, August 21, 2009

Place Holder for HSKS 9

We're gearing up for the next term of HSKS. Are you ready???