Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flying Broomsticks!

She said the spell in a barely audible command, unsure of the power of it.

The mini broomstick shook, but stayed firmly on the desk.

Hmph! "Leviscoparius!" Fiera said again this time a little louder. The broom with a pale blue ribbon attached to it rose into the air awaiting its' next command. She smiled triumphantly! Captain Fleur and her Assistant Captain Waverly would be proud!
"Leviscoparius!" she repeated for the next miniature broom and it too rose... this one had a black ribbon intertwined in the shaft. Knowing Siobhan and Olive, they would enjoy watching this broom track it's way across the globe.
Once again, the command came and a 3rd broomstick adorned with Wisty and Hermione's purple ribbon rose. Upon the fourth command, Clara and Rowan's mini-broom with a blood red ribbon surfaced off the desk.
Ah, there now Fiera thought. But in her mind, she knew that this had been the easy part! Commanding the four flying broomsticks to find their way to the Quidditch witches and wizards would be a little bit harder.
Directing the first, then the second, the third and fourth brooms to fly, each to their own destination, they shot off out the tower window!


  1. Wow! Those little brooms are quite fast! I wonder where they are off to... perhaps they are making a stop in Hogsmeade.

  2. Where are they going? The captains, or the players themselves? I can't wait!

  3. I'm so excited! My fave team has its colours in the side-bar! Oh, I do hope I get into it, the tryouts are going to be so nerve-wracking!