Thursday, September 17, 2009

Which Quidditch colors for which witch?

Wisty, Winnie and I were out for an afternoon of knitting, crocheting and pastry savoring in Diagon Alley today and decided to stop at Quality Quidditch Supplies.

Wisty was immediately drawn to the gorgeous purple and golden robes of the ________ team... trying on gloves and shin guards. Having been at summer camp, her shimmery blond hair was even more brilliant by the deep purple robe now resting on her shoulders.

Winnie casually walked over to the beautiful blue and silver section of the ______ team. The Captain of the _______ team was expertly choosing out a new helmet, making sure her view was unobstructed from all sides to ensure expert play while on the Quidditch pitch. After quick hugs and see-you-laters, Winnie crossed over to the other side of the store to find the Captain of the _________'s team trying on a powerful blood red and silver cloak. Winnie gave excellent comments about the pride she saw in the Captain of the ______ team's eyes and left her there while perusing the store some more.
I meandered over to the goggles, my old pair having somehow been misplaced in a previous match. I thought to myself "Ah, what color... what color.... hmm, is there any other color than black for goggles really? These will go perfectly with my black and white robes for the ________ team!" A plopped the goggles in my basket and went to get in line to make my purchase.
Wisty had already purchased her supplies as had _____ and _____ and I handed over my 3 Galleons and a Sickle for the goggles. Winnie diverted our attention to a yarn peddler outside the window while she made her purchases quickly, so I cannot report exactly what she purchased.
I turned around to see her sigh turn into a smile and we walked out of the store.


  1. Blue and silver for me!!! (pleeeeease!)

  2. I totally went and flipped through my "quidditch through the ages" book and looked up the colours.... I'm very excited about these teams!