Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flying Broomsticks!

She said the spell in a barely audible command, unsure of the power of it.

The mini broomstick shook, but stayed firmly on the desk.

Hmph! "Leviscoparius!" Fiera said again this time a little louder. The broom with a pale blue ribbon attached to it rose into the air awaiting its' next command. She smiled triumphantly! Captain Fleur and her Assistant Captain Waverly would be proud!
"Leviscoparius!" she repeated for the next miniature broom and it too rose... this one had a black ribbon intertwined in the shaft. Knowing Siobhan and Olive, they would enjoy watching this broom track it's way across the globe.
Once again, the command came and a 3rd broomstick adorned with Wisty and Hermione's purple ribbon rose. Upon the fourth command, Clara and Rowan's mini-broom with a blood red ribbon surfaced off the desk.
Ah, there now Fiera thought. But in her mind, she knew that this had been the easy part! Commanding the four flying broomsticks to find their way to the Quidditch witches and wizards would be a little bit harder.
Directing the first, then the second, the third and fourth brooms to fly, each to their own destination, they shot off out the tower window!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Lizzie was sitting in a wonderful cushy chair, humming softly and counting stitches. A cup of blackcurrant tea was cooling on the side table next to a strawberry scone. The turquoise blue Percy Shawl in her lap was flying along swiftly with nary a stitch out of place. Rows easily appeared as if she had been using her profoundly amazing magical skills-- but no, the shawl was being made the Muggle way.

In the back of her mind, Lizzie saw the green Rambling Leaves Shawl that Emma had had the tenacity to leave just lying about on the sitting room tuffet! Both shawls having been cast on at the same time, yet Emma was already a bit ahead of her. Ever the competing twin, Lizzie thought about using her time turner to go back and get in some extra knitting.


Lizzie's needle flew out of her hand, the shawl momentarily forgotten as her calm mood was broken with a twinge of exasperation as Emma laughed her way into the room. Hating to appear disgruntled, Lizzie smiled sweetly at her twin.

"Is that how it's going to be?" she inquired.

"How else ever should it be?" she replied.

Furrowed brows and eyes squinting fiercely on both sides... silence for a moment. Then, a moment more.

"How about the old fashioned competitive way then..." Lizzie suggested.

Emma, her face an unreadable mask, slightly raised an eyebrow in agreement and muttered under her breath "... a shuntbumping duel..."

The duel began! Which twin would shuntbump the other? Who would finish first?! And, would their nimble fingers and sharp minds finish in time for the HSKS Shuntbumping Duels!?!

... to be continued ...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Farewell, but not Goodbye!

Students, I'm sure you may have notice a little peculiar behavior coming from me as of late. It's true - I've been rather distracted. You see, I have decided to take a sabbatical. There are some . . . things that I have to attend to in various parts of the . . . . country - maybe throughout the world. I am going to play things by the ear and see how it goes. When all is said and done, please know that you, my dear students, will be the first to get the full story.

For now I have placed your care in the able hands of Wisteria and Siobhan. I am sure that they will provide you with excellent care and entertainment while I am away. I have cautioned them that too much play and not enough study will waste your minds away, so I'm sure they will be sure to stick very, very closely to the curriculum. I trust that you will all behave yourselves. I would hate to come back and find that Wisty has succumbed to the tipping of too much firewhiskey due to too much stress!

Take care and have a fabulous holiday season!
Forever yours,
Winifred Wartbobble

Monday, September 21, 2009

Shopping with the Assistant Captains

When I purchased my goggles last week, I forgot to buy a cleaning cloth, so back to Quality Quidditch Supplies I went... and who did I run into?! The Assistant Captains!!

Hermione Bagnold, Olive Bumblebirch, Rowan Dragonsinger and Waverly Trimble were all there getting fitted for there new Quidditch uniforms amoung other things.

Hermione, the A.C. for the ____ team was scouring the shelves for the right sized _____ colored turtleneck to go under her Quidditch robes. Finally successful, she headed over to the fitting rooms to make sure it fit.

Olive, the A.C. for the _____ team was already in the fitting room trying on a new pair of silk thermals. Knowing that one of the upcoming Quidditch matches is tentatively set nearby the 2010 location of the Greenland Ice Hotel, both wanted to be well prepared against the chilling winds.

I spotted the A.C. for the _____ team over by the bookshelves. Rowan was carefully reading a section of Kennilworthy Whisps bestseller Beating the Bludgers - A Study of Defensive Strategies in Quidditch. After a moment, she decided to purchase the book and went over to the queue to make her purchase.

Waverly was all the way in the very back of the store but easily visible as she was hovering about 15 feet above the ground... testing a new Nimbus broom out for ease of movement. I wonder if she has perfected her Woollongong Shimmy yet? Last time I saw her on the Quidditch pitch, she was pretty spectacular with it!

While chatting in the queue with Rowan, I spotted Winnie coming through the door. I noticed she was carrying a rather large parcel from Scribbulus and another smaller one from Terrortours, but she walked past me before I could even get "Hello!" out of my mouth!

After I made my purchase, I said goodbye to the Assistants and grabbed a quick Chocolate Cruch Creme from Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour. Now, I'm on my way back to find that yarn peddler Winnie spotted. I need some Shuntbumping supplies... but more on that later.

Bye for now!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Which Quidditch colors for which witch?

Wisty, Winnie and I were out for an afternoon of knitting, crocheting and pastry savoring in Diagon Alley today and decided to stop at Quality Quidditch Supplies.

Wisty was immediately drawn to the gorgeous purple and golden robes of the ________ team... trying on gloves and shin guards. Having been at summer camp, her shimmery blond hair was even more brilliant by the deep purple robe now resting on her shoulders.

Winnie casually walked over to the beautiful blue and silver section of the ______ team. The Captain of the _______ team was expertly choosing out a new helmet, making sure her view was unobstructed from all sides to ensure expert play while on the Quidditch pitch. After quick hugs and see-you-laters, Winnie crossed over to the other side of the store to find the Captain of the _________'s team trying on a powerful blood red and silver cloak. Winnie gave excellent comments about the pride she saw in the Captain of the ______ team's eyes and left her there while perusing the store some more.
I meandered over to the goggles, my old pair having somehow been misplaced in a previous match. I thought to myself "Ah, what color... what color.... hmm, is there any other color than black for goggles really? These will go perfectly with my black and white robes for the ________ team!" A plopped the goggles in my basket and went to get in line to make my purchase.
Wisty had already purchased her supplies as had _____ and _____ and I handed over my 3 Galleons and a Sickle for the goggles. Winnie diverted our attention to a yarn peddler outside the window while she made her purchases quickly, so I cannot report exactly what she purchased.
I turned around to see her sigh turn into a smile and we walked out of the store.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Updated Dates

Has everyone been practicing their broom maneuvers in preparation for the beginning of Quidditch this season?!

Here are a list of the latest dates. The four team names, mascots and colors will be released later this week or early next week!

Signups for new and returning HSKSers will begin at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Monday, October 5th.

Signups will end at midnight PST on Friday, October 9th or earlier if we hit our maximum capacity of 80 players

Matchups will be coordinated over the weekend and will be sent out by Midnight on Monday, October 12th, the first day of our season.

Quidditch Season Begins - Monday, October 12th
Quidditch Season Ends - Saturday, December 19th