Saturday, October 3, 2009


I know everyone is anxious to find out what kind of kits we will be swapping this season. We were wondering what a person would wear to a Quidditch game, either as a player or as a fan. So, without further ado, here are your kit choices:

--Cowl/Neckwarmer & Mittens (can be fingerless) - MUST MAKE BOTH
--Hat & Scarf - MUST MAKE BOTH
--Hat & Mittens (can be fingerless) - MUST MAKE BOTH

Each person will be asked to pick a minimum of two kit choices on their sign-up sheet. Your spoiler will then (1) make one of your choices as the handmade part of the kit, and (2) include the yarn and pattern for another of your choices as part of the kit. For example, if I were to chose socks and cowl/neckwarmer & mittens as my kit choices, my spoiler could choose to make the cowl/neckwarmer & mittens and include the yarn and pattern for the socks in the kit, or vice versa.

The handmade item and yarn should be in the team colors of the spoilee.

The cost of a kit should be in the range of $25-35. Remember, all those living in the US must purchase delivery confirmation for your kit and provide the number to your team captain/assistant captain.

Therefore, your kit must include the following:


Please take the time to read your spoilee's wish list and profile. Check out the projects they have completed. Learn what they like and don't like. PLEASE put together a kit that is appropriate for your spoilee. If (s)he likes bright colors, don't send pastels. If she only crochets, don't send knitting patterns or needles. If she drinks tea, don't send coffee.

We understand that finances are very tight for some and this swap should not add more stress to anyone. Pace yourself and order/buy things throughout the period of the swap; don't wait to the last minute to order items or fill your kit with items your spoilee has no use for. Most importantly, communicate with your spoilee/spoiler. If you aren't sure whether your spoilee would like something, just ask. Our aim this season is for quality kits that stay within the dollar/euro limit.

If anyone has any questions on the kits, please PM either Siobhan (CelticMommy) or Wisteria (Neila). Remember, there are no stupid questions!

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