Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shuntbumps Crochet League

Hopefully you are all by now limbering up ready for when the whistle blows tomorrow to signal the commencement of the Round 1 Shuntbump matches. These will be in pairs as detailed below. The first person in each pair to post a photo of their completed picture in the Shuntbumps Arena will win and progress to Round 2. Details of photo requirements and how to embed photos in posts to Ravelry forum threads can be found here (you must first of all sign in to Ravelry to view this link). Please also ensure that you are cognisant of the Shuntbumps Rules before the tournament commences.

Match pairs:

Poppy Pluot (kauraqt on Ravelry) plays against Hermione Bagnold (smileynetta)

Celeena Cree (SwitchCleo) plays against Maisy MuddleStixs (vaL70)

Violet Starfire (gidgetgirl82) plays against Albatross Harbinger (ItsYourNickle86)

Intarsia Bindoff (mutz) plays against Prendolyn the Weird (archerpren)

Siobhan Mooney (CelticMommy) plays against Andromeda Finch-Fletchley (GirlyWithATwist)

Clara Clovenhoof (ajkane) plays against Emma Gorodok (Selana)

Helena Lovegood (LoverofallEmo) is unopposed this round. Nevertheless she must complete the Round 1 project by the given deadline in order to progress to Round 2 (as per the Shunhtbumps Rules).

The pattern for Round 1 will be released tomorrow via a post here on the main HSKS9 blog and via a post to the Shuntbumps Arena in the HSKS Ravelry forum. You may prefer to view the post there as it will contain links to the Ravelry pattern pages for the project. Pattern release times are as follows:

11.00pm BST (10pm GMT) on Saturday 17th October.
= 3pm PDT, 4pm MDT, 5pm CDT, 6pm EDT, 12 midnight CEST, 8.30am Sunday ACDT

The same times will apply for the completion deadline exactly six days later.

To find which is your time zone please click on the appropriate section of the small greyed map which appears under the title ‘Regional Maps’ above the large world map on this page.

Pattern information:

Round 1:

Yarn = worsted/aran weight (10ply), 100 - 150 yards. Wool or other warm fibre.Can use two colours - a main colour and a small amount of a contrasting/complimentary colour.
Suggested hook = US H/5.00mm
Sizing = one size that fits most adults.

Round 2: 

Yarn = DK  for small child size given in the main pattern. Other yarn weights may be used and other sizes made following the guidance given in the pattern notes, although I will not permit anything thicker than worsted. Yardage should not exceed 200 yards for any option. I recommend a warm fibre type for this project.
Suggested hook = US E/3.5mm
Sizing = customizable

Round 3:

Yarn = 150 yards worsted weight. Wool or cotton blends would both work for this project.
Suggested hook = US H/5.00mm
Sizing = Ladies medium to large

Round 4:

Yarn = 200 - 225 yards of a warm DK yarn. I can adapt the pattern to worsted if you really need me to.
Suggested hook = US H/5.00mm
Sizing = one size fits all ladies.

The projects for rounds 3 and 4 require some buttons - two buttons each. I recommend buttons of about one to one and a half inches in diameter for the round 3 project, and buttons of one half to one inch diameter for the round 4 project. The buttons will be visible on the projects so select pretty/interesting buttons that will contrast nicely with the yarns you use. Both these projects look particularly good in two complimentary yarns, a main yarn and a small amount of either a contrasting colour or darker/lighter shade of the same colour according to your preference.

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