Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shuntbumps Crochet League Round 2

The pairings for Round 2 in the Shuntbumps Crochet League are as follows:

Albatross Harbinger, aka ItsYourNickle86, will play against Celeena Cree, aka SwitchCleo

Helena Lovegood, aka LoverofallEmo, will play against Intarsia Bindoff, aka mutz

Emma Gorodok, aka Selana, will play against Hermione Bagnold, aka smileynetta

Andromeda Finch-Fletchley, aka GirlyWithATwist, is unopposed in Round 2 yet must complete the Round 2 project within six days of the pattern release in order to progress to Round 3.

I am heading off with Mr. Wigworthy and the little Wigworthys to visit Granny and Grandad Wigworthy today. Therefore my sister, Lizzie Wychwood, will post a link to the Round 2 pattern alongside a pattern link for the Knitting League at this blog later today at 6pm BST. That is 1pm EDT, 12 noon CDT, 11am MDT 10am PDT, and 7pm CEST. I will return soon after this to monitor match progress in the Shuntbumps Arena (Ravelry thread). Good Luck to all!

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