Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Wirlwind of Flight

Hello, dearies!!
This week I have two stops to make. Unfortunately, my planning Cap was not on very tight. I can't seem to remember the exact locations that I will be flying to. Maybe a little Spring air will help me to be a little more organized, so my first stop wiLl be to where it is now Spring, though it is Fall here. I'm very, very excited that my first stop will have lots and lots of sheep! I heard they have some heavenly Alpaca for the most excellent Roving. I am also looking forward to spending a little time in the city that is near a castle. What was that city called again? I will have to check my itinerary again.

Siobhan was telling me how she absolutely must have some true maple syrup! I thought to myself, "maple syrup . . . maple syrup. Where Could I find true maple syrup that tasted extra yummy?" WouLdn't you know that it will take me far from my first stop of the week? There is a quaint little factory that makes it fresh in the town that is situated on a lake that is on the border of Quebec. Again I can't seem to remember the name of this one either. I think it used to be three towns that combined into one. Does anyone elSe know? Where did that itinerary go anyway? (Miss Wartbobble wanders off as she distractedly looks for her intinerary amongst the many papers she must take with her on her trip.)

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  1. i have the first one worked out....still thinking about the second ;)