Friday, December 4, 2009

Letter from Winnie

As Assistant Captain to Siobhan, Captain of the Magpies, it wasn't a big deal when she asked me to put something away in her office for her. What is a big deal is what I accidentally found on her desk, partially buried under some parchments...

Letter from Winnie!

She's not missing after all! She's ok, and she's been having some adventures. The first short letter was dated from a couple weeks back and said simply,

"I'm in a large city stocking up on supplies before a dangerous trip. I'm not sure How long it will take to get there but I've got Plenty of garlic. It should be easy to find holy water and a cross here, and hopefully they're authentic becaUse I'm going to need them."

The next letter came just last week and said,

"I've finally arrived in a dark region nortHwest of a mountain range. As expected, I've already used the supplies I picked up last Week to keep unwanted guests away, though an invisibility cloak helps, too. Good thing I've been practicing my Protego charm! The other daY I had a close run-in with a certain notorious being, but escaped just in the 'neck' of time!

I'm definitely getting tIred of all the traveling, but I'm hoping I'll be able to return to Hogwarts soon. I've got just one more Quick trip to make, and I'll send an owl as soon as I find what I'm looking for."

That answers one question, but it raises so many more: where has Winnie been? and what is she doing??

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