Monday, December 21, 2009

Winnie's Box of Clues

After carefully inspecting the contents of the package, Wisty and Siobahn have deduced that there is nothing dangerous inside. There is a note from Winnie as well as these items:

"Dear Wisty, Siobahn, and students,

After weeks of travel and following leads, I've found the person I was looking for: the thief who stole the Quidditch World Cup trophy! He was very reluctant to talk, quite angry and I had to defend myself. I'm sorry to say there won't be getting any information out of him anymore, and that's a problem because he's hidden the trophy somewhere. I gathered all of the personal belongings he had with him before his sudden demise, and am enclosing them in this package. Please take care as I haven't had time to inspect them for magical qualities beyond the obvious. See if you can identify where the trophy might be hidden. I will be staying at a low-profile inn awaiting your conclusion. Just send a note back by this same owl--she knows where to find me.


Please feel free to work with your teammates to figure out this last and most important clue! The deadline is midnight Wednesday, PST.

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